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What is Ad Impressions?

What is Ad Impressions?

An ad impression or view-through is when a user or viewer sees an ad. An ad impression can happen any time a user or a viewer browses an app or website and an ad is visible. However, the concept of impressions is not to be confused with an engagement. An ad impression can be defined as the total number of times digital ads are being displayed on an individual’s screen within the publisher’s network.

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Ad Reach vs. Ad Impressions

A reach refers to the total number of individuals who see an ad campaign whereas an impression conveys how many times the ad was shown to individuals. For example, if your ad is shown to 1000 people 3x each, your reach will be 1000, but your impressions will be 3000.

Ad Impressions vs. Ad Clicks

The real disparity between ad impressions and ad clicks is quite evident – An ad impression conveys the number of times the ad was shown to individuals without interacting with it. As the name denotes, ad clicks refer to the number of times individuals clicked through the ad to see a specific offer.

Why are ad impressions important?

To keep it simple and dive deep into why impressions are vital because of a modern method of buying an ad by the number of impressions an ad generates. Usually charged on a Cost per Mille (CPM) basis, ad formats charge per thousand impressions. That means it’s essential for advertisers to know how many impressions a CPM advert generates to recognize campaign cost.

Ad impressions are vital because they basically exemplify how many individuals view ads within a specific channel. Analyzing the number of impressions a campaign generates is also one of the easiest ways to determine how far an ad channel really influences. Once you know how many impressions an ad campaign produces it eventually helps the marketers generate and use various marketing metrics, like CTR or click-through rate. These metrics are used to calculate a campaign’s success; however, it necessitates an accurate impression count to be measured.

  • Firstly, impressions grant marketers the ability to see how many individuals are seeing their ads via an advertising channel
  • Secondly, ad impressions form the basis for calculating click-through rate (CTR) metrics. These metrics help marketers to gauge the efficiency of the ad campaigns
  • Lastly, ad impressions allow marketers to compute the cost of CPM campaigns
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