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What is Ad Fill Rate?

Introduction Modern-day websites are attractive digital constructs that relay pertinent information to the visitors while maximizing their user experience. The primary objective…

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What is CPC?

Introduction Advertising is a prominent part of Digital Marketing. Whether you’re running your website or trying to increase your outreach on a social media platform...

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What is CPV?

Introduction Online advertising is a dynamic part of the digital world. Advertising comes in many shapes and forms yet always has to be visually appealing.

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What is Ad Metrics

Do you know the best ad metrics to calculate ad revenue and improve publisher earnings? Are you aware of metrics that can evaluate ad revenue...

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What is CPM

CPM is one of the most significant advertising metrics. CPM means cost per mille, i.e. the cost per thousand impressions. Simply it means the cost...

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What is Page RPM

The Page RPM metric supports publishers to recognize the actual performance of their ads on a page level. This way, a publisher can identify low-earning pages and...

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