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What is EPMV?

What is EPMV?

EPMV or ‘Earnings per Thousand Visitors’ is also known as session RPM or session revenue.

EPMV is used to gauge the total revenue generated on a site for thousand visitors comprising earnings from multiple ad networks, SSPs, and exchanges. Likewise, EPMV is computed for the whole site. It offers a panoramic view of the publisher’s earnings. It is an incredible parameter for publishers to get a complete overview of how their inventory is performing practically.

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How to calculate EPMV?

How to caclculate EPMV

The Apex Advantage of EPMV

EPMV metric’s primary goal is to empower publishers to gauge revenue for their websites. Other metrics like Page RPM emphasize mainly on a page per page basis. EPMV is a practical assessing component for publishers to get a panoramic view of how their inventory is performing. EPMV offers the publisher an indication of whether their efforts to drive traffic to the sites are enhancing them or not.

Let’s say a publisher is testing ad layouts on the site, and for a specific page, they opt to add some additional ad units. As an outcome, the ad revenue might intensify for that exact page. However, as users find it hard to absorb the content because of an ad overload, they might bounce faster than before. Instead of visiting several pages and augmenting their chances of clicking on the ads, users only visit one page and leave due to a terrible user experience.

A terrible user experience can cause damage that might go unnoticeable by a blind-sided publisher. Therefore, EPMV can help publishers stay vigilant about their earnings, user behavior, bounce rate, session timeout, and more. EPMV provides a publisher with an aerial outlook. This way, an individual can choose whether the modifications to the layout from one page are spoiling the ad earnings overall.

Remember, it is a simple example to illustrate a point of view. Be watchful that EPMV and Session RPM are alike, and that Session RPM is more frequently used among publishers. Make sure to read more about the distinctive types of RPM, like session RPM, page RPM, and eCPM, as these metrics are widely used in the monetization world.

Why EPMV is the best metric for Revenue and Yield?

EPMV is the most established metric for publishers to recognize their overall revenue and growth. EPMV contains two absolute values, i.e., revenue and visitors, and specifies a proper function for the publisher’s efforts. EPMV is a vital metric used to gauge revenue and yield because EPMV studies the bounce rate and page views per visit automatically. EPMV is the only way to calculate if the revenue moves in the right direction despite external factors like seasonality.

Why is EPMV steadily gaining popularity amongst Publishers?

The key motive for this is that most publishers work with several ad networks and ad exchanges, only offering to report their performance. That means it usually requires added effort to estimate the EPMV. However, EPMV is one of the most appreciated and valuable metrics for publishers to understand their total revenue and growth.

You have witnessed EPMV comprises two absolute values, i.e., revenue and visitors, and delivers an accurate function for the publisher’s efforts. Some ad tech vendors have started displaying their revenue in session RPM or EPMV. Even if your ad partner doesn’t convey unified reporting or you are handling your ad stack, it is wise and easy to calculate the EMPV on your own with our wide-ranging and complete guide on ad metrics! Try out EPMV with us and acquire a detailed comparison analysis, we assure you that it will be worth the effort.

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