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About RPM

RPM is one of the first abbreviations you will encounter when you enter the programmatic world. RPM simply means ‘revenue per mille,’ where ‘mille’ stands for 1,000. It is one of the most popular methods used by multiple online advertising platforms to determine the pay rate for a thousand ad impressions on a particular website. Using RPMs or revenue per mille as a metric to keep track of your earnings from advertising can offer publishers a goal to aim for.

What is Page RPM?

Performance and marketing metrics indicate the number of visitors and impressions, but how can these metrics estimate potential monetary outcomes? Knowing how much revenue-specific pages generate is crucial for a publisher. The reality is that the publisher may be looking at the incorrect metric. While website traffic and further advertiser-side metrics are fundamental, they cannot completely gauge if the business is rising or not – here comes the savior, ‘Page RPM.’
iion’s result-driven approach and cross-channel monetization solution empower you with better user engagement & amplified revenue generation.

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